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Virtual Event

The State of the Data Center 2021

May 13, 2021   1:00pm – 3:15pm ET

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The highly anticipated results of the annual State of the Data Center survey have arrived!

Each year, Data Center World and AFCOM publish the highly anticipated results of the annual State of the Data Center survey to offer the industry a revealing perspective about trends and transformations that impact data center professionals and their businesses. The report provides valuable guidance on technology advancements, workforce trends, design and management challenges, and energy efficiency best practices to help data center managers make smarter decisions about their enterprise strategies.

This year’s report, the results of which will be unveiled during a virtual event on May 13, includes a new focus on talent and workforce challenges and best practices, as well as an increased emphasis on the impact of automation on data center management. The report will also provide a full year’s update on the changes brought about by the rapid shift to working from home, and the resulting security concerns for the data center.

As part of this virtual event, Data Center World contributing editor Bill Kleyman will provide the results of the survey in his annual report to the industry, and then distinguished members of the Data Center Institute will parse the information and provide their unique perspective on what the results mean to the industry from a variety of angles that include environmental issues; risk management; cloud and edge computing strategies; and facilities and operations best practices.

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Event Agenda
The State of the Data Center Report
The annual State of the Data Center Report, produced by Data Center World and AFCOM, delivers industry insights that help data center professionals adjust their product planning and implementation. This year is no exception, as we take a look at traditional issues like cloud adoption and edge computing, but also reveal the outcomes of new sections on workforce talent and automation techniques.
Presented by
Bill Kleyman
Contributing Editor, Data Center World
Brian Gillooly
Content Director, Data Center World
Preparing for Success in the Data Center:
Analysis by The Data Center Institute
Following the release of the State of the Data Center Report, three members of AFCOM’s own Data Center Institute will dissect the results and provide their expert insight on how to interpret the results and how they’ll impact your decision making. Immersed in such areas as colocation strategies, infrastructure planning, energy optimization, and facilities maintenance, the DCI board members bring an extra level of insight as they dive into the details to make the issues understandable and useful.
Presented by
Carrie Goetz
Principal/CTO, StrategITcom
Kevin Kent
CEO and founder of Critical Facilities Efficiency Solutions
John Parker
Senior Data Center Operations Manager, Esri

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Natalie Silvanovich
Security Researcher,

Natalie Silvanovich is a security researcher on Google Project Zero. Her current focus is messaging applications and video conferencing. Previously, she worked in mobile security on the Android Security Team at Google and as a team lead of the Security Research Group at BlackBerry, where her work included finding security issues in mobile software and improving the security of mobile platforms. Outside of work, Natalie enjoys applying her hacking and reverse engineering skills to unusual targets and has spoken at several conferences on the subject of Tamagotchi hacking.

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Orin Thomas
Cloud and Datacenter Expert

Orin Thomas has written more than 3 dozen books for Microsoft Press on topics including Windows Server, Windows Client, Azure, Office 365, System Center, Exchange Server, Security, and SQL Server. He has authored Azure Architecture courses at Pluralsight, has authored multiple Microsoft Official Curriculum and EdX courses on a variety of IT Pro topics, speaks at conferences around the world, and is completing a Doctorate of Information Technology on cloud computing security and compliance at Charles Sturt University. You can follow him on twitter at