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Wealth Planning 2021

A Guide to Commercial Real Estate Investment in 2022

November 17-18, 2021
The latest in our series of special events designed for CRE executives, HNW financial advisors and retail investors interested in commercial real estate

Commercial real estate remains an important asset class for accredited investors’ portfolios.

This timely, interactive virtual forum coming in November will explore many of the strategies for investing in the space, that include—but also go beyond—the traditional public equities strategies such as investing in publicly-traded REITs, ETFs and mutual funds.

It’s been a period of innovation and now investors have access to new private investment structures on both the real estate equity and debt sides of the equation. Strategies vary by minimum investment thresholds, hold periods, liquidity and targeted returns.

So in addition, we’ll explore what structures are available to investors and what financial advisors need to know when helping their clients. And provide commentary from the most successful commercial real estate investors and firms on how they are planning to play the market in 2022.

The massive uncertainty and economic disruption of the pandemic posed a new test for real estate companies. How have investor expectations evolved?
The Biden administration has ambitious goals aimed at improving the nation’s infrastructure, but parts of the proposal have industry pros and retail investors worried. What’s the state of play?
Crowdfunding isn’t new, and has grown dramatically over the past few years—yet it remains largely misunderstood. What are the optimum crowdfunding business models for enhancing a real estate investment portfolio?
Rents and occupancies at professionally managed apartment assets have remained robust, despite the economic impact of the pandemic. But what’s the best path forward for investing in the sector now?
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Live, Interactive Virtual Forums
One-Hour Sessions Coming November 17-18
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David Bodamer
Executive Director, Content and User Engagement, WMRE
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